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AntiVir is the "product of the year 2005-2006"

AntiVir is the "product of the year 2005-2006"Sat, 18 February 2006 Readers of "PC Magazin" gave H+BEDV the 1st place.Tettnang, 20 February 2006 – Last Thursday the computer publication PC Magazin organized an award festivity, during which it honored the winners of the Readers' Choice 2006. In the "Security Tools" category, the German security specialist H+BEDV received the desired Award "Product of the year 2005/2006" for its antivirus solution AntiVir.Which are the best products in the Hardwar 
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Autore: D@nyInviato il: 05 mar 2006 - 16.04
Ciao Vincent,
secondo te è meglio AVG o AntiVir?

Grazie :)
D@ny -

Autore: VincentInviato il: 05 mar 2006 - 17.51
A me personalmente piace un tantino di più Antivir ;-)
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