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Java Runtime Environment 6 Update 10 released.

Che cos'è Java?Rilasciata la nuova SUN Java Virtual Machine Version 6 Update 10:   Un’importante novità: "Patch-in-place configuration" "... The patch-in-place mode implies that when a version of the JRE exists on a machine, any updates belonging to the same JRE family will be done in place, meaning, the existing JRE will be patched with changes. A JRE is installed in patch-in-place mode by default. The default installation directory is  
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Autore: MarcoInviato il: 12 ago 2010 - 12.12
Complimenti per il blog, è molto utile.
Ciao :)
Autore: Vincenzo Di Russo [MVP]Inviato il: 12 ago 2010 - 13.12
Grazie per il feedback, Marco.
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