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IE and Windows XP Service Pack 3.

IE and Windows XP Service Pack 3 "... Hi. My name is Jane Maliouta and I am the Deployment PM for IE8. You might remember my recent blog on Installing IE8. Today I am here to tell you about Windows XP SP3 (XPSP3) and how it’ll work with the various released versions of Internet Explorer.Windows XP SP3 contains some new updates, and a number of bug fixes and security improvements. You can learn more about XPSP3 features by reading the white paper located here. We expect XPSP3 will be publ 
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martedì, 06 mag 2008 Ore. 06.52

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Autore: danielnaInviato il: 06 mag 2008 - 08.07
ad essere sincero io pensavo di integrare il s.p.3 nel cd di Windows, formattare il disco rigido e reinstallare.

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