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You’re Under Investigation!.

Un'altra "Spaghetti Scam/Trojan Story"  "Earlier this afternoon in Italy hundreds of thousands of people received an email from a “friend” stating (approximately) the following: You’re under investigation! Hide everything and be quick!!! Your name appeared this morning together with 150 more persons on the website of CAFF in Rome. Check it by yourself, you’re on January’s list: the website is the following: xxxx://" (<- link obfuscated by me)Courtesy of Symantec  
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venerdì, 22 feb 2008 Ore. 06.43

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Autore: glm2006ITALYInviato il: 25 feb 2008 - 21.43
Magari questa mail servirà come "punitivo": chi ha la "coscienza sporca" ci casca e viene infettato! ihihihiih :D

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