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IE Team annuncia Windows Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1.

IE Team: Internet Explorer 8 and Acid2: A MilestoneInternet Explorer 8 (IE8) is being designed and built for a broad range of customers including consumers, enterprises, partners, web developers, and others. We are targeting 1H08 to deliver IE8 beta 1, and future disclosures will be driven by business goals and milestones. We will continue to collect designer and developer feedback to determine additional milestone timelines further down the line.We also have new information for developers. 
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mercoledì, 19 dic 2007 Ore. 21.35

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Autore: Pr3dInviato il: 19 dic 2007 - 23.42
Notiziona quella dell'acid test passato a pieni voti. Ottimo.
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