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Windows Script 5.6 per Windows 2000 e XP.

Windows Script 5.6 per Windows 2000 e XP Con questo download verranno installati Microsoft® Windows® Script contenente Visual Basic® Scripting Edition (VBScript) versione 5.6, JScript® versione 5.6, Windows Script Components, Windows Script Host 5.6 e Windows Script Runtime versione 5.6. Data di pubblicazione: 28/08/2007Sistemi operativi supportati: Windows 2000; Windows XPConsiglio di aggiornare lo Script Engine soprattutto se si verificano problemi di visualizzazione delle pagin 
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giovedì, 30 ago 2007 Ore. 08.10

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Autore: Hans SotexisInviato il: 31 ago 2007 - 11.27
Dear Vincent,

I have some trouble with IE7 and maybe you can help me out.

Very often when I use the go-back button in the left upper side of IE7 the site dont go back, it looks like it sticks in a frame,

Q: How do I can avoid to get sticked in a frame?
Q: Can I switch off frames totaly in IE7?

Very often when I try to get out of such a frame by using the red cross button in the right upper corner, and very often IE7 close fully and I have to login again.

Q: How can I avoid that clicking on the red cross button leads to immiatly switching off IE7 instead off giving me the message: Are you sure closing IE7?

Q: Can I switch off the acceptance of that annoying "you need to install Adobe Flash etc." warning without installing Flash in IE7?

Q: I dont like to alowe active X components but I like also not to receive that annoying Active X warning everytime, can I switch off that warning without alowing Active X in IE7?

Hope to hear from you,


Autore: Vincent [MVP]Inviato il: 31 ago 2007 - 11.46
@ Hans
Please ask for help in the IE7 newsgroup:


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