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Internet Explorer's Patch KB908531

"MS06-015: Vulnerability in Windows Explorer Could Lead to Remote Code Execution".

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS06-015 (Updated: April 20, 2006)

A seguito dell’installazione dell’aggiornamento MS KB908531 sono stati riscontrati i seguenti problemi (noti):

• Non è possibile accedere a cartelle speciali quali "Documenti" o "Immagini".
• Le applicazioni Microsoft Office si bloccano quando si cerca di salvare o di aprire file di Office nella cartella "Documenti".
• Non è possibile aprire i file di Office presenti nella cartella "Documenti".
• Se si apre un file scegliendo Apri dal menu File, l'applicazione si blocca.
• Quando si digita un indirizzo nella casella Indirizzo in Microsoft Internet Explorer, non accade nulla.
• Quando si fa clic con il pulsante destro del mouse su un file e si sceglie Invia a, non accade nulla.
• Quando si espande una cartella in Esplora risorse, non accade nulla.
• Alcune applicazioni di terze parti si bloccano quando si aprono o si salvano dati nella cartella "Documenti".

Problemi e risoluzione sono descritti nel seguente articolo della MSKB:
"Possibili problemi in Esplora risorse o nella shell di Windows dopo l'installazione dell'aggiornamento della protezione MS06-015".

Welcome to the Microsoft Security Response Center Blog!

Aggiornamento da Microsoft Security Response Center Blog:
Published Tuesday, April 18, 2006 1:43
Update to the MS06-015 issue.

Hi everyone, Mike Reavey here again. I wanted to follow up with the results of our investigation into some issues with security update MS06-015. Turns out that under certain circumstances, changes introduced in MS06-015 could cause an application to stop responding during specific interactions with older versions of Hewlett Packard’s "Share-to-web" software utility, or older NVIDIA video card drivers. In the case of the Hewlett Packard software, their new version known as "HP Image Zone Version 5" is not affected. Neither are the most recent NVIDIA graphics card drivers. So customers running these more recent versions are not affected by this issue. The current versions of the Hewlett Packard and NVIDIA software are available from the manufacturer websites...

NVIDIA driver versions affected by the MS06-015 issue
posted Friday, April 21, 2006 5:53 PM by stepto


Maggiori informazioni anche qui:

E qui:
"Update MS06-015: Problems in Windows Explorer or the Windows shell after you install security update MS06-015".
If you have update 908531 AND you have Hewlett-Packard's Share-to-Web software…
Direct Download of the
fix here (la fix modifica automaticamente il Registro):
"HP's Share-to-Web software – Fix"
or here: on line 383 (right hand side):

Courtesy of Ottmar Freudenberger (stessa identica fix):
(Note this is a Zip file and will need to be extracted. It contains a REG file which needs to be imported into the registry via double clicking the contained REG file.
You may have to reboot Windows afterwards.)

Courtesy of Ramesh Srinivasan, Microsoft MVP - Windows Shell/User
Available below is the Registry fix which automates the steps from KB918165.
Download Q918165_HP_Fix.reg and save to Desktop. This fix is for Windows XP systems only.

Patch per Windows 2000:
For Windows 2000 systems, download Q918165_HP_Fix_W2K.reg.
To apply the REG file, right-click the file and then choose Merge.
Restart Windows for the changes to take effect.

(Thanks to MVP Ottmar Freudenberger for supplying this information): 
On Tuesday, April 25, Microsoft will issue a targeted re-release of the MS06-015 update. For more information, see the FAQ section in the MS06-015 security bulletin. The re-release update will add the following shell extensions to the "white-list".

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