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Internet Explorer's Patch KB908531 Part 2

Aggiornamento del 25 Aprile 2006, ore 19,30:
Aggiornamento della protezione per Windows XP (KB908531)
Nome file: WindowsXP-KB908531-v2-x86-ITA.exe
Versione: 908531

Bollettini sulla sicurezza:
MS06-015 (Inglese)
Bollettino Microsoft sulla sicurezza MS06-015 (Italiano)
Domande frequenti relative a questo aggiornamento per la protezione

"... Come distribuire questo aggiornamento rivisto?
I clienti che hanno già applicato l'aggiornamento e hanno rilevato problemi relativi a versioni precedenti del software di Hewlett Packard Share-to-Web o ai driver NVIDIA con versione 61.94 o precedente, possono ottenere l'aggiornamento rivisto da Windows Update e Microsoft Update.

Se la funzione Aggiornamenti automatici è abilitata, la nuova versione dell'aggiornamento verrà scaricata automaticamente nei computer interessati.
Il nuovo aggiornamento non verrà distribuito nei computer non interessati..."
Articoli della Knowledge Base (KB):
Data di pubblicazione: 25/04/2006

Lingua: Italiano
Dimensione download: 4.5 MB


Aggiornamento del 21 Aprile 2006, ore 13,00.

La patch KB 908531 riveduta e corretta verrà rilasciata da MS il 25 Aprile 2006.

-->Internet Explorer's Patch KB908531
General Information – Frequently asked questions (FAQ) related to this security update

"I've heard of issues with this security update. Does Microsoft plan to release a revised security update to address these issues?
Microsoft has completed its initial investigation into issues involving old third party software that customers may have experienced after the installation of this security update.

On Tuesday, April 25, Microsoft will issue a targeted re-release of the MS06-015 update.

Note: Customers who have already applied the MS06-015 update who are not experiencing the problem need take no action.
When released, what changes will the revised security update include?
The revised security update will contain no changes to the binaries included in the initial security update. The revised security update will place the following entries in the allow list as indicated in
Microsoft Knowledgebase Article 918165."
More information on the MS06-015 issue

" Hi everyone, Stephen Toulouse here. We've been continually examining the best way to assist the customers who may have been impacted by the interaction of MS06-015 with the software Mike mentioned before. We wanted to check in and let you know the current plan. Up until now there have been several solutions: Upgrade to the newest version of the affected software, a manual registry key fix, uninstall the third party software (NVIDIA Drivers versions 61.94 and prior or the Hewlett Packard Share-to-web software) or uninstall the update. All of these require the user to take some sort of action.
So what we have done is re-engineered the MS06-015 update to avoid the conflict altogether with the older Hewlett Packard and NVIDIA software.

We're going to run a test pass on it and we will release this new update on Tuesday, April 25th
What the new update essentially does is simply add the affected third party software to an "exception list" so that the problem does not occur.

The revised update automates the manual registry key fix…"
Vai a Internet Explorer's Patch KB908531
venerdì, 21 apr 2006 Ore. 13.26




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