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Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 for Developers Now Available.

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 for Developers Now Available

"Welcome to Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1, the latest test release of the most popular browser!
This release contains some great advances in Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and layout, programming model, performance, reliability, usability and service integration. We are eager to ensure that the transition to Internet Explorer 8 is seamless for you and your audience, and to give you a head start on using many of the new features with your sites and services. We encourage you to test your sites and services, and our platform implementation, and give us feedback!"

-Chris Wilson
IE Platform Architect


Chris Wilson presenta IE8 Beta

Tip: non installare IE8 Beta 1 su di una macchina in produzione ma esclusivamente su di un Virtual PC o su di un computer per test. Crea un punto di ripristino (System Restore) manuale prima di installare IE8 Beta 1.

IE8 Tech Beta 1 home page:

Download links for IE8 Beta 1 (WinXP SP2 & x64 Edition; Vista & x64 Edition; Windows Server 2008 & x64 Edition; Windows Server 2003 SP2 & x64 Edition)

IE8 Beta 1 Release Notes:
Windows Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 Release Notes

IE8 Readiness Toolkit:

New Features in IE8 (Activities - WebSlices: Favorites Bar - Automatic Crash Recovery - Improved Phishing Filter):


IE8 Beta Feedback

IE Beta Public Newsgroup Support: microsoft.public.internetexplorer.beta
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