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ottobre 2021

Parental Control in Avira Premium Security Suite 9.

Parental Control in Avira Premium Security Suite 9 “… Currently we’re developing and testing the Avira products in version 9. Since the beta is already out, it’s time to take a look at some of the new features we were adding. The release of the new products should take place in March.One of the features that users were asking for in our security suite were parental controls. We listened to those requests and our developers did a great job of adding them!…”   Avira Premium Secur 
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mercoledì, 28 gen 2009 Ore. 07.10

Internet Explorer 8 Release Candidate Now Available.

Internet Explorer 8 Release Candidate Now Available “… We're excited to make the IE8 Release Candidate available today for public download today in 25 languages for Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows Server customers. You can find it at Please download it now and try it out. We welcome your feedback!…” Microsoft TechNet Video: Internet Explorer 8.0 RC1 from Renato Gio 
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martedì, 27 gen 2009 Ore. 06.54

Considerazioni per un efficace contenimento dell'infezione Conficker.B.

Dal Security Blog di Feliciano Intini, Chief Security Advisor di Microsoft Italia:Considerazioni per un efficace contenimento dell'infezione Conficker.B 
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mercoledì, 21 gen 2009 Ore. 07.27

IE8 Blocker Toolkit Available Today!.

“… To help our users be more secure and up-to-date, we will distribute IE8 via Automatic Update (AU) and the Windows Update (WU) and Microsoft Update (MU) sites much like we did for IE7. We know that in a corporate environment, the IT organization will often want to delay the introduction of a new browser until they have tested compatibility with internal applications and sites. We’ve done a lot of work in IE8 to maintain compatibility with sites designed for Internet Explorer 7, for exam 
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giovedì, 08 gen 2009 Ore. 07.23

Frank Saunders passed away

Frank Saunders passed away.Uno degli MVP IE/OE “storici” ci ha lasciato. Una triste perdita.Ciao Frank! 
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mercoledì, 07 gen 2009 Ore. 10.07

Microsoft "Fix it" for me.

  Fix it for me blog   Have you ever come across a Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) article or been presented with a Windows Error Reporting (WER) solution and asked yourself, why can't Microsoft just fix this for me? Today KB articles and WER solutions provide you with a list of steps that can be followed to resolve your issue. However, tomorrow looks much different and we hope it helps you resolve any issues you have with our products faster and easier. Our team's purpose is to au 
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domenica, 04 gen 2009 Ore. 07.11

MVP Award Program – January 2009.

MVP Award Program – January 2009 Premiati 5 nuovi MVP italiani. Congratulazioni a tutti, nuovi e rinnovati.   
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venerdì, 02 gen 2009 Ore. 07.31




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