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gennaio 2020

It is best to gather these widths onto to the box springs cover

Turn inside out and straighten. Sew the top and bottom ends together with right sides facing each other. From the very top of the panel, measure 1" - 2" (based on the size ruffle you wanted) and line pins. Pin the cut sheet lengths to the box springs cover, gathering as you go. Stitch the opening closed by hand. You'll need each panel to be 50-100% more than half of the window width. Add 4-1/2" to the length.

To coordinate with your bed, just buy extra sheet sets. Remove the original shade and staple your new designer shade to cardboard pole. The short side with no dust ruffle goes against the head of the bed. You'll need enough widths to go around two long sides and one short sides of the box springs cover you just cut. Flip over when done. Pillows Buy pillow forms at any sewing or craft store. This is your diameter. To do so, you'll want your total width of the cut sheet lengths to be 25% longer than the total measurements of the two long sides and one short side.

Stitch along this line to create your ruffle. So if your window is 40", you'll want your curtain to be 60" - 80" wide. It is best to gather these widths onto to the box springs cover. Cut 9" tall widths from your sheet (you'll need the height of your bed plus 1" if your bed is higher than standard).. Make a shirt-tail hem rolling up 1" from the bottom of each sheet length, turning it under at 1/2" and then stitching near the end of the fold. On the top, fold down 4-1/2" from the top (5-1/2" to 6-1/2" if you want a ruffle). Stitch near the bottom where you folded the extra material underneath.

Stitch near the top of rolled over fabric. Nomex fabric Manufacturers can also sew a valance and panels. Compare it to the measurements you made previously of your window. Add another 6" - 12" to allow soft draping across the top. The key for swags, if you need more than one width, is that you don't want a seam in the center. Cut two pieces from your sheets with these dimensions. Measure your window width. You'll want to cut widths from your sheet that is 50% to 100% wider than the window, seam together, matching patterns. You can sew together as many widths as you need as long as you match your pattern.

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