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The top entry design is specified when frequent inline maintenance activities are expected on the valve.

These terms relate to the way by which the ball of the valve and its internal parts can be accessed, from the side (side entry) or from the top (top entry). What is the difference between a side entry and a top entry ball valve? When the shaft is moved, a load is applied to the ball which gets pressed against its seats.

The shaft is connected at the top of the ball and allows the switch from an open to a closed position with a quarter turn movement (90 degrees). Ball access: side entry or top entry (depending on the fact that the ball can be accessed, for maintenance, from the side of the valve or from its top) Ball valves can be classified according to multiple criteria:

Further, the valve would be damaged by partial open positions (or repeated open/close operations) in the long run (not an issue for globe valves). The difference between these two valves is therefore in design and compactness. Otherwise, when the hole is in any other position (perpendicular to the valve ends for instance) the flow is totally or partly interrupted.

The ball inside the valve has a hole through which the flow passes freely when it is fully aligned with the two ends of the valve. The key ball valve specifications are the API 6D, BS 5351 (forged) and ASME B16.34 (pressure and temperature ratings), ASME B16.5/B16.47 (flanged ends) and ASME B16.25 (butt welding ends). Ball valves are way more very efficient with gases and other liquid fluids (even challenging chemicals as dry chlorine, hydrofluoric acid or hydrochloric acid, and oxygen).

These particles may solidify in the cavities in the proximity of the ball and seats. Have a compact design (this is the main difference between a ball valve and a gate valve - which are both on/off devices) ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF BALL VALVES.

In slurry or other similar applications, the suspended particles can settle and become trapped in body cavities causing wear, leakage, or valve failure. It is smaller and lighter than a gate valve of the same size and rating. It can be used in different types of fluid services as an on-off stop valve that provides bubble-tight shutoff.

Depending on your requirements, you can arrange the port of valve in the three-way. Check the video below for an animation of this type of valve. Hence, reduces the size of the actuator and overall costs of the valve.

In this design steam and ball work as a single unit. A short shaft like an extension which is known as a trunnion set in the body. The shaft allows for a certain amount of lateral movement of the ball that is generated from the upstream pressure acting on the ball.

With this arrangement, a small handwheel is enough to operate a fairly large valve. Insert your credentials to access more info on OMAL valves and actuators.
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