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TK Trunnion-Mounted Ball Valve

TK Trunnion-Mounted Ball Valve

The shaft is attached at the top of the ball, which allows an open and closed position through a 90-degree movement. All SIO floating ball valves are designed and manufactured with a certified ISO 5211 top mounting pad. Clinical tap manufacturers need to ensure healthcare taps are comply to certain health and safety practices. We need a little more information from you before we can grant you access. If we establish a business relationship with you, we collect relevant business information, such as name, contact details including email, account, transaction information and/or any other information provided by you relevant to the business relationship. Please note that to honor your request, we may require additional information for authentication or other verification purposes. SIO also builds two-piece body cast floating ball valves that may have a full or reduced bore. Due to these demanding operations, the typical o-rings may suffer damages. Seat ring sealing includes separate graphite seals for fire safe design and O-rings for tight sealing.

Ball valves are classified in a wide range of criteria and among these are their design. What are the Applications of Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves? Trunnion ball valves are typically larger and are ideal for high-pressure applications. Both provide positive sealing and are widely used in different industries. When the ball valve is closed, the floating ball presses against the sealing surface influenced by the pressure. How often will the valve be opened against full differential pressure? A floating ball valve only has one shaft found at the top, which makes the ball “float” during operation. Ball valves are suited for high-pressure operations because they provide tight seals and have a quick operation. It allows the whole live operation to continue even when essential equipment needs repair or maintenance. Valve is specifically equipped with a stem extension for insulation and is available in many different specific materials to face even extreme temperatures.

When the ball valve is receiving high pressure, the stem housing will keep the stem in place, preventing it from blowing out. They are easy to use, easy to maintain and can regulate high-pressure, high-volume, and high flow of temperature. High pressure floating ball valves are more commonly used in operations where there are no pressure changes in the medium. High-pressure ball valves made of stainless steel or carbon steel are corrosion and abrasion-resistant, making them perfect for managing operations with sensitive mediums. 2. Reliable sealing performance: PTFE unisexual material seals are embedded in stainless steel seats with springs at the end of the metal seats to ensure sufficient preload of the seals. They are made with materials suitable for different applications which include carbon steel and stainless steel. Swagelok also offers Stainless Steel Valves for the Sanitary industries, conforming to a wide range of specifications - these products have stood the test of time, and have been relied upon for years. Depending on the service, these ball valves can either have a cast or forged steel body. Trunnion mounted ball valves have stems at the top and bottom, keeping them in place at all times.

As one of the top trunnion ball valve manufacturers, SIO offers trunnion mounted ball valves that have an array of benefits. A slot in the top short-shaft extension accepts the flow control shaft. These ball valves can handle the flow of medium in different directions while ensuring tight shut-offs so that there is no mixing or leaking of the different fluids or gasses. The floating ball valve should be able to handle the pressure of the floating ball. The pressure is divided between the seats, ball, stem, and trunnion of the valve. This means the stem is isolated from the valve body. SIO floating ball valves are equipped with a blow-out proof stem that prevents the stem from flying or blowing out when the valve is receiving too much pressure. It has an antistatic device, blow-out proof stem, and a double block and bleed function. They are equipped with an anti-static device, blow-out proof stem, and a fire-safe design. In the trunnion valve design, the ball is not floating anymore and instead the seat rings are floating. Soft seat rings can be manufactured in jam and flexible seat designs.

Since the ball of the floating ball valve is floating, the ball will move and against the downstream seat under the pressure of the medium, so the seal of the floating ball valve actually belongs to the single-side seal. This will stop the flow as the pressure from the onstream will cause the ball and seats to form a firm seal. This causes the ball to sometimes float downstream, allowing it to press against the seat and provide a positive seal. A floating ball valve has a single-sided seal since the ball will float on the downstream seat when receiving pressure. Since there is a low-flow volume during factory gas testing, a study was performed at a company facility in Voghera, Italy to learn what is happening to the pressure in various locations of the valve. This helps in maintaining the working conditions of the ball valve. The TrunTech design from ValvTechnologies meets stringent emission requirements and provides long life in abrasive and erosive conditions. We build floating ball valves that ensure a complete shut-off of process media under critical service conditions.

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