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marzo 2021
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    Anno 2020

    There was no fear of putting on weight

    Remembering his carefree childhood days with simple food habits, Inspector General Soumya Mishra says, “When I remember my childhood days, I remember the simple Indian snacks that we ate and how healthy they were, be it puffed rice, roasted channa, chudwa, many types of boiled and shallow fried sweets. Life used to be simpler, healthier and environment-friendly.

    There was no fear of putting on weight or harming our health.”Interestingly, the advisory is by no means a pioneering one although it is uncommon in government circles. Welcoming this move, Hyderabad Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar says, “As far as Hyderabad city police is considered, we already stock fruits, majiga (buttermilk) and lassi for our meetings, which are all healthy options. Not many soft drinks too. While the new snack replacements are high in protein and other essential nutrients, the report also adds that the use of plastic bottles needs to be cut down.”With so many of our daily calories being consumed at work, bureaucrats seem to be realising the importance of healthy options.

    “For me, it has to be healthy snacks like dry or fresh fruits. It is good to know that the government has taken such a decision.”Further, he adds, “The advent and imitation of Western food culture has wreaked havoc on our food habits, ruining our health and our environment. I also serve green tea to my visitors,” shares Swati Lakra, IGP Women Safety & ADG CID.”While most agree that gorging on greasy, high-calorie and not-so-healthy snacks like samosas, mirchi bhaji and butter cookies is the more enjoyable way out, replacing them with healthy alternatives has its own benefits.”

    Also, we drank from earthen pots and not from plastic bottles. Some officers are addicted to cookies, so we do have them, but in the interest of public health, we should have healthy snacks. I hope it is properly implemented.However, on June 28, an official order by the Health Minister Harsh Vardhan surfaced on the Internet, stating that biscuits though baked, are not the best options for the stomach, digestion and an overall attempt to stay healthy. — another harmful concept borrowed from the West. Special Chief Secretary Ajay Misra feels, “The Ministry has taken a positive step in the right direction, with all desirable and required initiatives like replacing unhealthy snacks with healthier options such as dry fruits and roasted chickpeas. Joshi says, “Personally speaking, I too prefer healthy food.Chai with biscuits is an integral part of every household and office across India, with even Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pitch of “Chai pe charcha” RG58 cable turning out to be a very successful campaign.

    But I must confess that it requires tremendous self-control to refrain from eating unhealthy food. I also hope that it creates a powerful awakening among people regarding food in general and junk and fast food in particular and also about the heavy use of single use plastic plates, cups, glasses, straws, spoons, forks, etc. Further, the order issues the inclusion of more healthy snacks in government offices, with a list including dried chana, khajoor (dates), badam (almonds) and akhrot (walnuts). We drank coconut water or drinks made of fruits, herbs or dairy products — both sweet and sour like sherbet or lassi.K. Agreeing on the issued order, Chief Secretary, Telangana, S. That’s why fruits are the healthiest options

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