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Suzhou Kylin Textile is a leader in R&D of next generation textile technology like FR Tent Fabric. Our team discovers and implements proprietary emerging technology, providing a stream of differentiated products.
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Holds its individual services

The company has also launched its 2012 African collection.

Marcovaldos sales process covers the US and Canada while serving over 2000 customers.

The companys head office in Los Angeles, make use of a panel of internal designers who present their creations two times yearly at the SHOWTIME ITMA market.

Under its diverse brands, the group is present in the EU, Asia, North Latin America and holds its individual services in China, for acquirement as well as quality control.

Our standing for offering outstanding designs and excellent designer fabrics is built on two significant aspects: elite designs by our knowledgeable designers; and close working relationships with carefully selected professional weavers and printers. The company also improves its lavish set of fabrics and trimmings.Los Angeles, CA (prHWY.

Through a new contemporary approach to upholstery fabrics, Marcovaldo responds to the varying requirements of our consumers, pleasing the necessity for a dependable, reasonable and useful designer Upholstery Fabric resource which offers the important basics for interior designers, retailers, furniture manufacturers as well as upholsterers. Recuperating upholstery and creating window treatments is just one special way. Whatever your Trimming requirements are, Marcovaldo China FR Tent Fabric Manufacturers is eager and is able to provide it, too.

It is a contemporary, high performance fabric resource store, including outstanding upholstery fabrics with a sharp, modern feel and high-class finish using a proportionate, stylish color palette. The company range offers a broad variety of plain and semi plain qualities that are chic, extremely long-lasting and multipurpose for use in both residential and contract specifications. When it is time to modernize or renovate your house you will more than likely splurge hours exploring journals, catalogs, samples and swatches trying to get your hands on just the correct shade plan and accent to create the home decor of your dreams. The group is also authorized in China-to-China RNB dealings.

If you have any more queries we will be pleased to help you out. The new collection consists of more than 30 new patterns. For detailed information on our products, their color, price, excellence etc.
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