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Medical transcripts are validated

 Other benefits of partnering with MTS for cardiology transcription include:

* Two reliable dictation options: toll free number and digital recording
* Safe file transfer over the Internet with FTP or browser-based options
* HIPAA compliant cardiology transcription
* Accuracy levels of up to 99% - cardiology medical transcripts are validated at three levels by editors, proofreaders and medical editors for compliance and accuracy. The team can provide accurate transcripts for the specialist's progress notes, chart notes, PCP reports, ER reports, SOAP reports and patient discharge summaries.  
* Electronic medical dictionaries such as Stedman's Electronic Medical Dictionary along with the entire series of Stedman's books and American Drug Index are used to verify all documents. This allows Butterfly Valves Manufacturers in China them to prepare clear and accurate transcripts.

The company's knowledgeable workforce of skilled and trained medical transcriptionists is well-versed in medical terminology related to cardiology.) December 25, 2012 - MTS Transcription Service has made its name in the field of medical transcription services, offering its healthcare professionals quality transcripts in custom turnaround time.

Focused on gaining the trust of its clients, MTS provides end-to-end transcription solutions - from capturing patients' medical information, transcription, and delivery of completed files in quick turnaround time (TAT). The company's medical transcription services are secure and available 24/7. 

MTS Transcription Services is a reliable Oklahoma-based medical transcription company, serving clients across North America for more than 7 years.
* Document Flow Management for end-to-end file tracking
* Documents processed in client specific format for feeds to EMR and EHR
* Medical transcription done domestically or internationally
* No charge for charge for headers, footers, underlining or bolding. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, this medical transcription company serves a wide range of clients in the medical industry.
* Custom turnaround time
* 24 x 7 technical support
* Free trial

Practices can expect to save up to 40% on their costs by signing up with MTS for cardiology transcription. All written and recorded reports with vascular health information are quickly and efficiently converted into accurate, legible and permanent documents. MTS is now providing professional, competitively priced cardiology transcription service for cardiology clinics, large and small healthcare practices, and other healthcare establishments at very competitive rates. MTS provide medical transcription solutions for all major medical specialties which include Allergy and Sleep Medicine, Occupational Medicine, Anesthesiology, Occupational Therapy, Cardiology, Emergency Rooms, and so on. This transcription medical company's strengths are definitely its skilled and experienced work force and advanced technology. The company can provide timely and flawless medical transcription for cardiology medical reports relating to pericardium disorders, defects of the coronary artery, myocardium disorders, heart infection, heart valve and blood vessel disorders, and congenital heart defects, stress thallium tests, and 2-D echo related diagnostic reports.
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