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The deer fence for sale total area to be restored

He also said India would raise its target of the deer fence for sale total area to be restored from land degradation status from 21 million hectares to 26 million hectares between now and 2030. My government has announced that India will put an end to single-use plastic in the coming years. This is the menace of plastic waste. I believe the time has come for even the world to say goodbye to single-use plastic," Mr Modi said. Apart from having adverse health implications, this is going to render land unproductive and unfit for agriculture."I am happy to state that India would be happy to help other friendly countries develop land restoration strategies through cost-effective satellite and space technology," the PM added. The point is unless an agreement is mutually beneficial you cannot get buy-in from the other party.
Synchronicity and quantum entanglement indeed! Reaching out, acting with compassion at all times is certainly doable by each one of us for the well-being of the world and also because we are to an extent — big or small — mutually dependent in more ways than we can fathom. Effluents discharged some place affect marine life several continents away on account of upwelling or trash showing up far away. But we selfishly draw from them and don’t think twice about polluting or depleting them. The point is we cannot afford to do that.No man is an island. The New York Times recently carried an article about a sperm whale in Spain that got killed because of 64 pounds of trash clogging its intestines and stomach — plastic bags, ropes, netting and even a plastic drum.In a world that is all about I, me, myself, and one that is fractured and divided for a zillion reasons, a broader, more inclusive, all embracing sweep with a clear focus on working for the larger well-being is the need of the hour.
As the scriptures tell us — the Universe is the Lord. The ripples we create can reach out and touch other people as we are all part of a unified field. The not-in-my-back-yard syndrome, the mindless polluting and degradation of these resources and the use it as long as it lasts, let GenNext figure what to do attitude, is what stares us in the face. If these things continue, an entire eco system can be disrupted.By consciously conducting ourselves in a way that will promote global well-being — of all manner of life and resources — we become better people. There is a greater chance of peace prevailing in a world that is so fractured and so hopelessly divided on the basis of numerous denominators.
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