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    They want to wear what the celebs have been spotted

    Are lack of originality and rampant copying pulling the fashion industry down Just before the beginning of the recently concluded ICE MAKER manufacturers FDCI India Couture Week, ace designer JJ Valaya rued about mediocrity and lack of originality in collections, in a midnight post in Facebook..”They want to wear what the celebs have been spotted in but what they forget is that most of them are tall and have a body shape that complements the look. They are simply cashing in on someone else’s hard work... This is also a theft of a kind. Rohit wrote, “What fascinates me more than knowledge is actually the complete lack of it.. There are too many watchdogs who are keeping a check on you and comparing your earlier work with your latest. The only reason for this, I feel, is that they lack the confidence to showcase something original and have no clear vision for the brand. Only a handful of writers write honestly about the collection,” he says.. “Everything today is just a click away. It is just that since someone has come out and spoken openly, it has become a controversial issue. Within my own fraternity . Most of the fashion exhibition segment is thriving on this reproduction business. Today there is no innovation — it’s a mass reproduction of what poor Deepika or Sonam are told to wear.

    Pronounce it please ) and is inspired by Our rich heritage and interpreted in a modern manner using hand embroideries (machines operated by hand = Hand) and luxurious fabrics (sourced from Nehru Place).Are lack of originality and rampant copying pulling the fashion industry down Rohit Bal and JJ Valaya have been vocal about issues of plagiarism in the fashion industry lately.. It takes a designer at least six months to come up with an original collection, and recreating it takes just a week.”Lack of creative criticism has led to the downfall of the industry, feels designer Rahul Mishra, who was among the designers showcasing at India Couture Week. When I showcase in Paris Fashion Week, I am very concerned about my collection reviews in newspapers and top fashion magazines the next day.My collection this year celebrates Haute couture (really.” Agreeing with him, designer Nida Mahmood affirms, “To quite an extent, I agree with JJ Valaya and Rohit Bal’s comments. Even a brand like Dior is not spared even though they are one of the biggest advertisers abroad. I also started retailing the same for my clients but today, one can find lycra churidars in local markets very easily,” she points out and continues, “I believe the rip-off segment is thriving because of the herd mentality of people. This keeps designers on their toes and ensures that they do not take too many inspirations and be innovative and original as much as possible. I remember, back in the 90s when I was getting married, I realised the churidars stitched at that time were too big and loose, and I started importing lycra for churidars for myself.” The industry has been talking about the issue for a long time, she adds, “It is not that people were not speaking about this issue earlier.Talking about the comments of JJ Valaya and Rohit Bal, he says, “These are veterans of the industry with over 25 years of experience and if they are voicing their concerns then I am sure they must have noticed something and felt a genuine need for coming out with their opinion.. I find so much blindness and ignorance that it astonishes me. In his post Valaya said, “The ‘REAL’ press release of some Indian ‘Couture’ designers nowadays: ‘. We have been discussing the subject for some time now.

    I have seen people going with images of a designer’s collection and getting them recreated by their karigars. “Today, the fashion industry is getting very business driven and what it is lacking is the voice of critics... In India people can buy media easily and through advertorials can propagate themselves and their collections easily unlike the West. I have seen critics ripping apart the brand’s collection if they feel it lacks originality.”The next day, Rohit Bal too spoke about the same on his Facebook status. There are certain people who are copy-pasting ideas of other designers and easily pulling them off as their own. They lack originality and do not have the courage to take risks with their original design.” The reality of the garment industry today is very different from what it was before and anybody can create rip-offs easily these days, points out designer Rina Dhaka. But here in India, the scenario is very different. To be the former is always a difficult task

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