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I felt a strong urge to share my journey with other entrepreneurs, so they don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Thereafter, I wrote China underwear machine Manufacturers two more business books. However, over all these years I felt there was a story-teller in me waiting to emerge. The Harappa Trilogy gave me an opportunity to bring out that side of my writing. And I am so glad that happened. Your fiction theme – how did you chance upon this fusion world you have created, a fascinating mix of Eastern and Western beliefs, adroitly and tastefully mixing these two to create one world?To be very honest, even I am blown away with what the Harappa Trilogy has turned out to be. Today as I look back, I feel as if Maa Saraswati herself came and blessed my words.
It all started with my desire to write a thrilling tale around the mysteries of the Indus Valley Civilisation, the great Aryan debate, the vanishing of the mystical Saraswati river and more. How it all blended with a racy, modern-day thriller in parallel was a magical experience for me as well. The thousands of mails and messages I am getting from my readers is a glowing testimony to the love the Harappa Trilogy is receiving. The approach you have taken seems to be very consciously chosen to tell the Indian story, avoiding Western stereotypes and going deep into our culture. If so, tell us your thoughts on this.You are absolutely right.
While there are many views and opinions on this matter, I do firmly believe that a significant part of the history taught to us in our schools has deep Western influences. And like the old saying goes, history is written by those who have hanged heroes. For example, the Aryan-invasion theory of blue-eyed, white-skinned riders galloping through the Khyber has been documented and repeated so many times that it almost became the accepted truth! But when you really research deeper, you would realise that there is hardly any scientific or archaeological evidence to support this theory. Having said that, please do bear in mind that I am a story-teller and not a historian.Do you think so far our culture has been properly tapped into for good story-telling to the audience?Yes, in recent times I would say a lot of good work is being done in this genre.
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