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The process of making an ostrich feather centerpiece

 The demand for ostrich feather fans is also increasing among dance troupes and other strange performers.Apart from that you need other things like bouquet holder, an Eiffel tower vase or long neck vase and some floralyte for illumination. Now take the vase and place bouquet holder in it carefully and add floral lights and glass marbles so that it gives a pleasant effect and looks like water when lit and with this exquisite centerpiece is ready. Also take care that feathers when placed in the bouquet are facing upwards. First of all place the plumes from bottom to top in bouquet holder so that on completion it gives a palm tree look and do it with utmost care as ostrich plumes can break easily. For making a centerpiece you can take either dyed plumes or dye them at home with the color of your choice . These dusters have excellent cleaning abilities but however they itself must be cleaned and dried to give long lasting effects.
Now days ostrich plumes centerpieces have created quiet a rage among fashion designers, bridezillas, stage performers, event management companies and even other people as they find it difficult to resist them from buying these exquisite plumes because of which the prices of these feathers have skyrocketed.Ostrich feathers accessories are becoming popular among people be it fancy costumes, festival accoutrements, soft toys, boas or wraps. Even Ostrich feather dusters are in demand as they are long lasting, highly effective, absorb and hold dust particles well. The feathers of bird are plucked during molten season and during plucking of feathers the birds are kept under the supervision of trained handlers who try to keep the birds calm and pluck their loose molting feathers so that they are not hurt and after that these birds are set free unharmed. In order to clean these dusters they must be put in soap and water solution so Polyester dope dyed fiber that dust and dirt is removed properly.

The process of making an ostrich feather centerpiece is not very tedious you can make beautiful centerpieces at home and decorate your living room or other rooms. Some people prefer white color ostrich plumes but obtaining different color plumes is not a fret as there wide range of color options available like Kelly green, emerald, forest, lime, royal, mint, peach, black, gray, gold, orange, red, cream, fuchsia, magenta, burgundy, blue,  navy, yellow,  teal, turquoise and purple. 
Ostrich feathers make beautiful and attractive centerpieces as they are large and exotic so we can use different types of feathers of Ostrich like femina, floss, spads and drabs for making elegant centerpieces.
After gathering all the required things we can start with the process of making centerpiece. Where as femina feathers are long and thick and give a broader effect to your centerpiece, spad feathers are eighteen to twenty five inches long and are quiet cheap as compared to other feathers and floss feathers of ostrich are fourteen to eighteen inches long and are quiet flossy. They are flocculent and small and give lavish look to your centerpieces. Drab feathers are usually eight to ten inches long.
Even farming of feathers of Ostriches does not harm the bird.
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