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The handle may be made of a variety of materials

 A wider and thicker spine makes the blade Cooling polyester yarn stronger.

Accessories   Your knife may come with a sheath or case.If you're looking to buy a knife, it can be confusing if you don't know what all of the knife terms mean. The butt, also known as a pommel, is the end of the knife's handle. Serrated edges are those with a set of 'teeth' designed to aid in cutting. Stag is a deer antler typically seen on folding knives, known for its slightly burnt look. The basic divisions are fixed blade or folding blade.

There are many different knife shapes that you may encounter when looking for a knife. Folding blades, like pocket knives, fold between the handle and the blade. Different knife companies have developed different mechanisms for locking the knife; many are spring loaded to make it easier to open and close the folding knife. Often, it forms the handle itself, with the grips attached to the tang.

The Handle   The hilt is the entire handle of the knife. The description of a knife often uses the following terms to refer to different sections of the knife:

The Blade   The edge is the sharpened side of the blade. The tang is a part of a fixed blade knife that extends from the blade to the handle. It is the thinning of the edge to form a sharp cutting edge. It may be a straight or serrated edge. If you're looking at collectible knives, they may include a display stand designed to fit that particular knife. First, you'll want to decide what kind of knife you want.

Handle Materials   The handle may be made of a variety of materials. A knife may be single edge or double edged.

The grind is what makes a piece of steel into a sharp knife. A popular type of knife is a fantasy knife, which is an artistic style of knife not usually meant to be used, but rather to be collected and displayed. One of the most popular today is the 'tanto' knife, which is recognizable by its sharply angled tip. Bone is common on pocketknives, and may be seen in its natural creamy color or dyed a bright shade. The point is the very tip of the knife blade. A groove cut into a pocket knife blade to allow opening using your fingernail is called a nail mark or nail nick. For a single edge knife, the back is the unsharpened side of the blade. The belly is the curved part of the blade's edge, designed for enhanced slicing. This is often called a scabbard for larger knives or swords. A drop point knife, another style you're likely to see when shopping for knives, is a popular utility knife with a strong point. This is one of the strongest knife points because there is more metal supporting the point. Other common handle materials include fiberglass laminates, carbon fiber (a strong material characterized by a woven pattern), titanium, and aluminum.

Between the Blade and Handle   The bolster is a supportive piece between the blade and the handle, an area that is usually under a lot of stress when the knife is in use. These may be designed for hammering, or they may be removable, allowing the user to store small items in the handle of the knife. The spine runs the length of the blade, and is both the thickest and the heaviest section. Anodized blades are titanium blades colored using a special electrochemical process.

Other Features   The locking mechanism is a feature on folding knives that prevents it from being opened or closed accidentally. Grips are the contoured pieces of the handle allowing for better handling of the knife. Besides the knife itself, you'll also want a sharpener, which is used to keep the blade edge as sharp as possible. Besides straight edges and serrations, the knife blade may also have a gut hook, which is a hook found on skinning knives to assist in gutting animals. If the knife is considered full tang, it means that the edge of the tang is visible along the entire length of the handle. Other styles include utility knives, which can be used in hunting, camping, and other outdoor activities.
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