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Sisal Wool Combination Benefits

 It can be easily cleaned and tends to be a very durable material. The colors of most sisal and wool area rugs tend to be warm and earthy; neutral tones that compliment any room in the home. And, it can be woven into thousands of different patterns and textures from rigid and rough, to soft shag piles. 

About Sisal
Sisal is a very durable and soft material that is harvested from the agave plant abroad and then the fibers are spun into a thick and rigid yarn that is woven into very complex weave patterns used to create high traffic area rugs. There are many positives about wool that people favor, which is why it has remained so popular over the years.

 For one, what are the materials constructed out of, where do they come from and are they environmentally safe? For two, how durable are the materials and will they last you for years to come, or will you be shopping for a new area rug in just a few short years? Finally, how will the rug fare on those high traffic areas and is it easily cleaned? If you are wondering all of these Doped dyed polyester yarns questions than you may want to look for a combination material area rug that offers what you seek, like a sisal and wool area rug. 

Sisal Wool Combination Benefits
When choosing a combination area rug, a wool sisal area rug is one of the best and most durable combination material area rugs that you can opt for.When looking for area rugs that offer many benefits there are some things that you will want to keep in mind before whipping out that wallet and tendering payment. And they offer many benefits to the owner like sound absorption, anti-static, natural materials that are eco-friendly, anti-bacterial; durable construction that lasts even in high traffic areas and they are flame, and fire-resistant. Wool is non-allergenic and most people will not have allergies to it. It is naturally anti-bacterial and will repel mites and bacteria from the home. They are easily cleaned using a vacuum cleaner and or warm soap and water and will tend to barely shed. Because of the soft and supple nature, yet extreme durability of both fabrics, the area rugs made from them will last you for years to come. Sisal has been used as a popular medium in area rugs for years and boasts a fire retardant nature, is naturally sound absorbing and is anti-static. Another benefit to sisal is that it can be easily cleaned using a standard vacuum attachment, and rarely do sisal area rugs require professional cleaning. 

About Wool
Wool is of itself a very popular and widely used medium for area rugs. You can easily find plenty of great styles of sisal area rugs in most stores and you will also tend to see sisal and wool combination rugs that offer even more durability and benefits. Finally, wool is also a natural air purifier and will work to rid your home of internal pollutants.
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