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One of the great religious Halloween crafts

  Take some heavy card stock paper available in most department stores and draw the shape of a candy corn.  Wrap the burlap around the lollipop and secure it at the bottom with the rubber band to make a "neck".

After that, write bible verses on strips of paper such as Psalm 118:6 - The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid or Psalm 32:7 - You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble.

One of the great religious Halloween crafts that we've found entails the doling out of candy for trick or treaters.  Then for each lollipop, you need a 4-5" square of burlap, a rubber band, a 2-3" round piece of green felt, orange and black yarn, and some glue.  Draw eyes, a nose, and a smiling mouth to the face of your scarecrow.
Many people who are particularly religious do not often celebrate Halloween because they think the holiday is condoning Satanic worship, but for those who do participate in Halloween, there are some great religious Halloween crafts that you can make to spread the word of God and still have a good time along with everyone else.  There's a lot you can do to celebrate Halloween without forsaking your religion!

 Glue the green felt to the top to make a hat.  Use your imagination to come up with your own religious Halloween crafts, too.  Use a hole punch to make a hole at the top of the candy corn and tie it with any type of string to your chosen treats.  Religious Halloween crafts like these get the whole family involved and are great projects to start well before the holiday comes!

Another one of the cute religious Halloween crafts that we found is easy to make and can also involve the kids!  To start out with, you will need a round lollipop such as a Tootsie Pop.

The best part about making religious Halloween crafts is that you Polyester multifilament yarn can spread the word of the Lord and do so in a fun way.  There are a lot of religious Halloween crafts that you can make to celebrate the holiday and still stay true to your convictions and beliefs.  Punch a hole in the paper and attach to the scarecrow with the yarn.  You can use crayons or markers, whichever you prefer.  Color the very tip white, the middle part yellow and the bottom part orange.

At the bottom part of the candy corn, write the following phrase:  "You picked a sweet treat from my bowl, now here's a sweet treat for your soul!"  Cut the candy corn out and write various bible verses on the back.
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