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Polyester is a specific material that used extensively in clothing.
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Generic books can be used in many different ways

These generic books can be used in many different ways and for any subject or topic you can check it out from www. Each day ask your child what special word they would like to put in this book today for more details you can login to www. These are called endpapers. Your child is no Take a sheet of 8-1/2 x 11 copy paper. Cut two pieces of construction paper slightly larger than the sheets add to sheets and punch two holes on one edge. 
Cut pictures out of magazines or catalogs for illustrations. The accordion book works quite well for this. Make a small book with ten or twelve pages. A cardboard cover can have wrapping paper glued on inside back and front.instant-software-products. Publishing your child every author wants his or her work published.  Use wallpaper for the cover. It creates a language-rich environment, encourages better reading skills and fires the imagination. Cut along the fold lines so there are four small sheets and stack. Be sure to include this as part of 

Take 8-1/2 x 11 sheets, as many as needed, stack, create cover slightly larger than Cationic dyeable polyester yarn sheets, staple or punch and thread with yarn, ribbon, etc.>
Making books with children in my home school is one of the most enjoyable pastimes I know. This is just a variation on the small book. Fold in half and in half again, so there are four boxes when unfolded. It also gives parents and children a shared time of special Print one word only on each page. The most important part of making books with children is to keep it simple and use easy-to-find materials. Thread with ribbon, yarn or string. Vary the colors of paper for inside pages, use stickers, markers to decorate. Add sheets as needed to make a longer book. 
Glue strips end-for-end. Cut two 8-1/2 x 11 sheets in half the long way. Both save on frustration for parent and child.  Cut two pieces of poster board slightly larger than the folded paper. Look at picture books with endpapers, discuss. As the book grows have the child read his book to another family member. Farm animals can follow units on food, pets could teach about caring for others, photos of your town can underscore a lesson on community, and wild animals can illustrate facts about different countries. He can dictate the story and draw pictures. Ask your child to point to the word and say it. In this case, though, publishing means sharing his books with others and having a shelf where his books are stored, as in a library. Here are instructions for my three favorite books. When you have finished an Aesop’s fable, rhyme or short story, have your child narrate the story. Fold the (now) one, long strip back and forth accordion-style to make the pages. Glue a piece to each end of the paper strip so that by holding the two pieces of poster board the book opens and closes like an accordion. Then ask you child to say the letters of the word (you might need to demonstrate) and then say the word. Make a label for the title and glue onto wallpaper cover. Pick a topic you are studying. This is a way to supplement lessons.
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