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Empty calories can set up your child or teen for weight gain

 The problem is compounded since the absence of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains can make the effects of burgers and fries that much more severe. Does fast food cause obesity - it probably isn't the only cause, but people who choose fast food as a meal three or more times a week do run a higher risk of obesity.260... The rapid rise in obesity over the last 3 decades coincides with the rise and popularity of the fast food industry.

How Bad Is Fast Food
Big Mac. Child and adult obesity have reached epidemic proportions in the US and in many other countries........
As can be seen from the paragraph above, it is not where the food comes from that that causes people to become overweight...................C- 
20 Ounce Coke.. For instance, one fast food chain is offering a bean burrito that contains only 350 calories and a mere 8 grams of fat with a whopping 9 grams of fiber.....

 On top of that, all of the processed foods have less fiber. What is happening is the key nutrients children need for health, growth and brain development are not being consumed.250. Many children today substitute fries for fruits, snack food for vegetables, and sodas for milk.
Total Calories. it provides current and up to date content about how to successfully combat childhood obesity through working together as a family. What makes a person overweight is whether or not his total calorie intake exceeds his total calorie expenditure.Whether child, teen, or adult, frequent fast food eaters are more susceptible to obesity.And you can sign up for a free email newsletter. the information included really WORKS.

The excessive weight of one third of children in the US is a problem that goes beyond just the extra calories, fat and sugar from fast foods. There are long term studies that show a link between fast food and weight gain 380. They want the side items that go with the burrito, such as fries, nachos, desserts, sugar-filled beverages, and other highly caloric foods.
Baked Apple Pie.
If your child or teen gives up one daily 20-ounce soda, then at the end of the year he or she will save:
' 91,000 calories 
' 6,205 teaspoons of sugar 
' Potentially lose up to 20 to 25 pounds

It is absolutely NOT your usual "dry, technical or clinical textbook".
That is one healthy bean burrito.... The problem is that most people do not just want one bean burrito. It contains key information for anyone who is concerned about their child's weight and overall health.1,450
One 20-ounce bottle of soda is the equivalent of eating 17 teaspoons of pure sugar into your body! Worst still, those 250 empty calories can set up your child or teen for weight gain Eco-friendly polyester yarn and mood swings..

Weight Loss
Fast food restaurants are making a very good attempt to include more healthful foods on their menus.560..........
It is no surprise that the average number of calories in a meal for the majority of overweight people is 957.......D+ 
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