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Dog constipation can be a problem for many dogs

 Any major changes in your dog's poop can indicate an upcoming disease or - in the best case - are just a sign for you to change your dog's nutrition. Give him less food when he does not move much.

Your dog can not really care about himself so you have to do is. While this does not sound like fun, it gives you important information about your dogs situation. They could cause imbalances and also lead to dog constipation. If your dog has to live outside then weather conditions, cold or heat can cause constipation. This brings us to the second most important aspect, dog food. On my web site I have some tips about this. Here the veterinarian can help as well. It gives you early warning signs when something is wrong.

Stress can be another reason for dog constipation. Also poisoned food can be a cause.Dog constipation can be a problem for many dogs. A dog is an animal which does not like to be alone but always near you or with other dogs.

Before changing the diet for your dog you should also talk with your animal doctor. When you choose high quality dog food then supplements should not be necessary.

There are many good dog food recipes which you can try out to make your dog healthier. Instead of giving him one large amount of food, feed your dog twice a day instead. Not all pet food is made similar.

If the dog is lying around all day long then dog constipation is more than likely. One final word of warning though.

The ideal dog poop does not smell much, is moist but can easily be taken away without breaking apart.

Unfortunately it is not always about food and exercise. This can cause stress too. Dog constipation can also be caused by bacteria, parasites or viruses for example.

Choose the food which is appropriate for your dog, its age and weight. He can also make a proper diagnosis which helps to find other reasons for your dogs constipation. The wrong food Polyester multifilament yarn can easily cause dog constipation or other symptoms. He knows much more about pet food, especially when it comes to dogs. Sometimes the problem is bigger. For constipation is is recommended you increases the amount of fiber in the food. In fact there are some pretty bad pet foods out there. You should look out for quality food and also give him fresh food from time to time. One of the best things to do is to check his excrements on a daily basis. 

First of all your dog needs exercise. There are various causes but most are harmless and can be avoided or treated.
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