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A number of hunters recommend instead the use of multiple sight pins

 Movable pin sights are available, allowing you to adjust the pin to the exact distance.

Many hunters also prefer to use the round pin guards instead of the square ones. Some models have pins that are lighted electronically or that have a light source, which is ideal when you plan to hunt at night.

If you're planning to shoot from a tree stand instead of the ground, consider getting a pendulum style sight. The most basic sight only has one pin; this kind of sight is ideal for hunters that shoot at high speed and create flat trajectories. The downside to using just one pin is that, since the arrow tends to arc when shot, you may have to aim a little higher or lower, depending on how far you are from the target.

The diameter of the pin is another consideration. You can also mix and match pin sizes to specific distances. Larger pins tend to be more visible. These kinds of sights adjust automatically and reliably for up to 30 yards. Set these pins at 40, 30 and 20 yards. It is important that you check that the fibers are completely protected upon coming into the sight pin. You need a larger peep sight for this, which gives you a better view of the prey.Improving your Bowhunting with the Right Sight

Although a sight is not exactly required in bowhunting, using the right sight will undoubtedly improve the accuracy of your shots. When using multiple pins, you can set the pins to different distances. Too many pins can confuse even the most expert hunter.

The standard pins used in bowhunting are fiber optic pins; however, many hunters are choosing to use spooled fibers, as they are actually brighter than the fiber optics. Also, go for camouflaged sights to prevent it from calling attention. However, this can be quite tricky when your target is moving. This may take some practice before you get it right. This makes sure that the fibers will not break easily. Some experts even say that a quality sight can increase an archer's accuracy by up to 20 ! Thus, the right sight can make a big difference in your success as a bowhunter. However, if you're planning to shoot only from the ground, fixed pin sights are much easier to use. A good idea is to match short distances with fibers that have big diameters, and match longer distances with fibers that have smaller diameters.

A sight will serve as your reference point when bowhunting.

A number of hunters recommend instead the use of multiple sight pins, as this tends to more accurate than the single pin variety. For bowhunting purposes, most experts recommend that 3 pins will provide you with the necessary flexibility that you need. Choosing the right sight will definitely improve your bowhunting skills!

Using the round pin guards, you will be able to accurately Cooling polyester yarn position the guard at the center of the peep sight. Choose a sight that is light so that the bow will not be thrown out of balance.

Finally, look at additional features of the sight.
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