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marzo 2019

Looking to highlight your pink

The Classic Outdoor Adirondack Chair now is available in not only pink poly lumber but a variety of over 20 colors to Plastic Outdoor Chairs Suppliers suit those who are looking for a pastel to tropical to traditional look.

PolyWood lumber also provides you with a warranty that guarantees against rotting, bug infestation or corroding. Looking to add a feminine touch to your outdoor patio, garden, backyard or poolside? We have just the answer for you in poly-wood lumber adirondack chairs, poly lumber garden benches, swings, and polywood rockers. Not to worry side tables and accessories are also available to complete your look.

One last detail that really helps to put patio furniture customers at ease is the fact that pink polywood outdoor chairs as well as the other colors available are all made from recycled plastic milk jugs and containers which normally would have filled our already overflowing landfills. Pink Poly Wood Adirondack Chairs will not require painting, sanding or refinishing to keep them look new year after year. These containers are melted down, purified and extruded into typical lumber profiles that can then be cut and sawn just as traditional lumber to form Poly-Wood Outdoor Furniture. What does that mean you say? Well, it means that scratches or scuffs will not reveal a white center.Think Pink is not just for Victoria Secret anymore! Pink polywood lumber has now invaded the outdoor patio furniture market. Just hose and go is our motto.

Looking to highlight your pink collection with a few other colors to add some depth to your outdoor environment well lest you not be disappointed you will be happy to know that Pink Polywood Adirondack Chairs and Outdoor Patio Furniture is just the start there are over 20 fabulously delicious colors to choose from. Outdoor park benches and garden benches and backless benches too!

Searching and finding just the right piece of outdoor patio furniture to suit your needs is only the beginning. Pink polywood outdoor chairs have the pink color infused throughout the whole piece of lumber. High back rockers and swings are also available in pink polywood lumber. Pink Polywood Outdoor Chairs do not absorb the heat as darker colors do so you will be sitting comfortably in your tropical chair for years and years. Each piece of pink polywood outdoor chairs is fastened with marine grade hardware that will endure all the elements, hot sun, cold winters and salty sea air

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