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    A joint survey conducted by auditors

    The Railway Act has to be amended to remove the ambiguity in Clause 1 and this has to be made stringent as well.Advocate K. However, Clause 2 in the same section states that the railway administration is authorised to prohibit smoking on trains.The Union ministry of health issued a notification on September 15, 2009, authorising train ticket examiners and RPF assistant sub-inspectors to take action against smokers at stations, trains, platforms, waiting rooms and reservation counters 
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    venerdì, 25 dic 2020 Ore. 02.55

    Kelsikar then took all the documents

    "Kelsikar then took all the documents with ID cards of the policeman, stuck his own photo on the documents and started taking advantage of those documents to extort money from people.. According to police officials, he used to avoid paying the toll at nakas by posing as a cop. He was driving an empty truck that he had taken from some businessman as bribe," said the officer. He had met Kelsikar and sought help to get a loan for the property.The official informed that a policeman from  
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    martedì, 15 dic 2020 Ore. 02.50

    The passenger has to take a single ticket

    Even as the debt burden of the state has crossed the Rs 3.Mr Fadnavis also said the central government is in the process of withdrawing the stock limit on importers owing to the issues being faced by them. The repayment of loans has to be made in 2015, 2016 and 2017.5 lakh crore.He, however, added that the government would ensure that the funds are spent on productive works, such as infrastructure.. Moreover, the government had paid Rs 8,000 crore as relief to farmers for various nat 
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    venerdì, 27 nov 2020 Ore. 03.20

    Archies and Hallmark certainly love

    Kahlil Gibran wrote: "When you love you shouldn’t say, ‘God is in my heart,’ but rather, ‘I am in the heart of God’. Divine love assures us that deep within our hearts lies an immense capacity to love. "No," he replied quickly, "Mine is an undying love!" Isn’t undying love precisely that love which is ready to die Love ought to be cultivated, cherished and celebrated daily.A loquacious lover kept on mumbling, "I love you" mantra-like to his beloved. But let our love also be vulnerabl 
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    martedì, 24 nov 2020 Ore. 03.13

    They also incorporated limited colours

    Masaba and her team faced several challenges when coming up with the Got-inspired line. "It was very new for us because our creations usually have a ton of colour," said Gupta. We werent allowed to switch them up at all.Mumbai: Masaba Gupta has given all Game of Thrones fan across the country a chance to rejoice. "This is how India would do Game of Thrones. Keeping up with her signature style, the designer also incorporated several fusion pieces in the collection as well.Masaba Gupta 
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    martedì, 10 nov 2020 Ore. 03.25
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