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Drawings using the latest technology

 All dimensions and details will be drawings as shown on the architectural and structural plans unless instructed otherwise by your company or your representative. Our professional rebar detailers and designers work closely with you to continue to set industry standards in rebar detailing accuracy and productivity. The rebar detailing services we provide is combinations of a wealth of experience in rebar detailing with the latest reinforced detailing software and our expertise.

We can provide a one stop solution for you rebar detailing requirements.

Our rebar detailing drawings include the following:

   -  Roof truss fabrication drawings
   -  Joist and deck detailing
   -  Framing connection details
   -  Erection shop drawings
   -  Roof Framing Plan
   -  Anchor Bolt Plan
Our rebar detailing projects include the following and more:

   -  Welded, Riveted or Bolted Steel connection details
   -  Roof Truss and Joint details
   -  Concrete Joint and Slab details
   -  Longitudinal and Cross Sections Details of Beams and Columns
   -  Shallow, Raft and Pile foundation details
   -  Retaining Walls

2D Drafting India is fully equipped to meet your rebar detailing requirements, we have the right experience globally to undertake projects off all sizes. We take pride in established a long term relation with our USA, UK, Australia, Canada, UAE clients by offering professional rebar shop drawings and rebar coordination drawings that are precise, legible, detailed and on-time. With our significant rebar detailing resource we have the capacity and experience through our international detailing facility to undertake projects from the simplest ground beam to the largest structures.

2D Drafting India provides state of the art rebar detailing services and rebar drawings services to structural engineers, fabricators, erectors, architects, detailers, designers and general contractor at affordable rates for all type of rebar detailing projects around the to get more details about our low price used putzmeister concrete pumps for sale rebar detailing services and shop drawings.

2D detailing India is providing professional rebar shop drawings, rebar concrete shop drawings, steel rebar shop drawings, structural rebar shop drawings and steel shop drawings services to the structural engineers and architects.

Our rebar shop concrete drawings teams having vast experience for production rebar shop drawings using the latest technology also considering your country specific codes and standards.

What makes us unique in the market place, is our wealth of knowledge and involvement in the entire rebar process, its critical to understand and complement the downstream rebar process, what is detailed must be ordered, produced and installed as cost effectively as possible, our position at every stage of the reinforcement process ensures this happens.
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