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Anno 2019

Do several important things

Renew Crew is committed to providing exceptional outdoor surface cleaning services for their clients. Renew Crew is offering their tried and tested deck pressure washing and sealing services for their customers.

A well-designed and well-built wooden deck, if adequately maintained, can greatly enhance the visual appeal as well as the resale value of a home.

For the last step, they apply protective finish to enhance and prolong the wood's natural beauty while repelling the elements, using special polymers. It is important, therefore, to make sure that these spaces are cleaned and protected regularly.  With their thorough three-step approach, Renew Crew can make a deck look as new as when it was first installed. For the second step, the power clean, they use non-damaging pressure to rinse grime away, thus restoring the deck's original appeal.

People considering having their decks cleaned and sealed must do several important things.

As a first step, the company applies special pre-soak foam to the deck to loosen deep-down dirt and grey wood fibers.

Hiring professional pressure washing companies can relieve homeowners from a lot Hydraulic Cylinders Suppliers of the stress and hassle that go hand-in-hand with deck cleaning tasks.  Lastly, make sure that the proper cleaners and sealers are used.

Renew Crew also specializes in concrete, siding, gutter, and pavers and hardscape cleaning and protecting.  Some cleaners and sealers can harm plants and landscaping. Aside from wooden deck cleaning and sealing, they also offer top-rate siding and concrete pressure washing services. The first is to check if the existing sealant on the deck has been stripped and if it needs to be re-applied.  Using too much pressure on wood surfaces can cause permanent damage. The second is to make sure they use the right equipment. Their service not only cleans their clients' wooden decks and other outdoor surfaces; it also protects against the damaging effects of natural elements.
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