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Hongyu Industry Co.,Ltd is a China Hydraulic Cylinders Manufacturers and Clamp Couplings Suppliers. our factory offer Hydraulic Cylinders,Clamp Couplings for sale.
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Concrete flooring applicators

 Our best-in-class Services include Decorative Concrete Coating & Resurfacing, Protective Floor Coating, Garage Flooring, Porches and Basement Flooring.

The achieved success is demonstrated by a long list of satisfied and highly valued clients and we are authorized concrete flooring applicators for the following manufacturers."

"Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to make them come true. 
* L & M Construction Chemicals 
* Asford Formula 
* General Polymers 
* Sherwin Williams Chemtec International 
* Florock 
* Duraflex 
* Dayton Superior 
* Valspar Federal 

QDI Floors perform highly durable and homogenous installation for all Industrial Floor Coating Contractors. "Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. We offer unique Residential Floor Coating Services in Ohio, with the most advanced testing technology to ensure the best performance. The quality of our work is possible because of the quality of our team.

We being a small company focus on eco-friendly way to transfer our vision to reality by improving the quality Used Concrete Pumps Suppliers and providing time tested range of services at Garage Flooring, Patio/Sun room, Drive ways and Epoxy Coatings. The company has put forward all possible efforts to deliver flawless products like L & L Products, Abbott Labs/Ross Labs, Barnes Aerospace suited to the needs and requirements of our architects, builders and other vast segments of clients at an attractive price. It is what the client or customer gets out of it.  Quality and Durable Industrial Flooring, Inc.
* Tennant Company, Inc." Demand for our Chemical Resistant Coatings systems and services increased dramatically in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Kentucky States not only from our commercial and industrial customers, but also from their employees and customers who desired our system for their own garage, shop or basement. The elegance and sturdiness of our work aggregate us to produce demands and how to tailor floor coating options without interfering with production results.

These tricky Epoxy coatings and resurface acts as weather shield to concrete hardener and safe-guards all industrial basements from dirt, grease and cracks. is a concrete preparation and coating company that serves it customer via quality products to meet their desirable results and time-frames.
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