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Born Dana Owens in Newark

 Ive been a Latifah fan since her first LP debut All Hail The Queen.T. I find Queen Latifahs big, beautiful body to be super sexy and Id give anything for a date with her.N.She has earned a Golden Globe award, three Screen Actors Guild Awards, two Image Awards, a Grammy Award, six additional Grammy nominations, an Emmy Award nomination and an Academy Award nomination. But I can at least try and find a woman like her.N. Ive seen all her movies.Y. Well, I say fat is beautiful." She won a Grammy Award for Best Rap Solo Performance for "U. Its even rumored that Steve Martin, when working on Bringing Down the House with Latifah back in 2003, made a few unsuccessful moves on the actress. Born Dana Owens in Newark, New Jersey on March 18, 1970, she later adopted the name Queen Latifah as she charged into the limelight as a talented young singer and rapper at the age of 18. She later released "Nature Of A Sista" and "Black Reign" which included the hit single "U. Now, as she nears the age of 40, men from all walks of life are trying to land a date with the star. Shes stared in television and done commercials for Cover Girl cosmetics, Curvation, ladies underwear, Pizza Hut and even Jenny Craig. Many, including Latifah herself, say she just hasnt met the right person yet.

Queen Latifah, as far as the public is concerned, has been single since recording her first hit 20 years ago and, as the New Jersey-born actress and singer continues to climb the ladder to fame and fortune, many men are coming out of the woodwork trying to land a date with the big, black, beautiful woman.Bouchard said hes always surfing fat dating sites, online confessionals and free BBW sites in search of women like Latifah. She even developed her own line of cosmetics for women of color called the Covergirl Queen Collection. Some say shes fat." She has also stared in movies like Jungle Fever, Chicago, Taxi and Stranger than Fiction. I have to make a confession, said Steven Bouchard of Seattle, Washington.Y.I know Ill probably never land a date with the Queen no matter how hard I try, said Bouchard. Some think she might have an easy time meeting Mr. Shes funny, outgoing and, cosmetic jar Manufacturers above all, beautiful.T."
 In 1989 Queen Latifah's debut LP "All Hail The Queen" was a major hit. The word Latifah is Arabic for delicate and sensitive, but with many of her hard-hitting movie rolls and controversial personal history, the woman has proven herself as anything but delicate. Ive always had a thing for fat black women and she really is the epitome of everything I find attractive. Right on the Internet because fat dating sites and fat web-communities are on the rise. Im shocked to see how many fat lovers are out there  there really are a lot of people out there who find fat ladies beautiful.I. He said he loves her inner strength as much as he loves her size and he hopes to someday find someone that matches her beauty.I just cant resist those big, beautiful curves, said John Bushey of Indianapolis, Indiana.Many of the would-be-male-suitors ignore allegations that the long-time single Latifah is possibly a lesbian.I.Getting her start in an all-female rap group named Ladies Fresh, she recorded a single in 1988 called "Wrath of My Madness. I find social networking and surfing BBW dating sites works best when trying to meet new people.
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