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giugno 2020
Do you know the 90% of the global total production of Electric Motorcycles Factory & Scooters is from China? This is why we said that China is the largest producer of the Electric Motorcycles & Scooters products.
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Anno 2019

Adapted to local electricity systems

 To request a brochure, talk about car financing, take a Nissan New Jersey test drive, or receive a free diagnostic check, Newark drivers can also count on Hudson Nissan! Test out any of our new vehicle line-up including the Altima, Maxima, Cube, Pathfinder, Rogue, Murano or any of our new Nissan vehicles. We are proud to also offer vehicle services which include a free diagnostic check.  

Nissan plans to commercialize the system in Japan within a year. Newark customers looking for great service and a great deal should stop in soon!

Hudson Nissan is one of the leading Nissan dealers in NJ.

They also plan to make the two-way charging system available to LEAF owners in other countries after it's been adapted to local electricity systems. Staten Island drivers can always find a great selection of new and used vehicles on our lots and will always get the best deals on these vehicles. Now your friends at Hudson Nissan, Staten Island drivers' favorite source for high quality and fuel efficient vehicles, is proud to announce that the LEAF and its charging station will soon help owners in even more ways. When Nissan released their first all-electric vehicle, the LEAF, it was a major step forward for green driving and technology. 

Advantages of the system are that it could help users avoid having to mobilize a generator during a blackout. Nissan recently unveiled the 'Nissan LEAF to Home system,' which uses the LEAF charging station to draw from the car's lithium ion batteries and feed current into a home's electricity distribution panel. 

Currently, the LEAF and its lithium ion batteries are charged scooter wholesale distributor though an in-home charging station.

To learn more about the exciting and all-electric Nissan LEAF, stop into Hudson Nissan. In the future, this charging station will be able to be used in other ways as well. Your satisfaction is our goal! Call our friendly staff today to learn about our latest specials, or get details on any Staten Island new Nissan model. The new system could also allow the charging of a battery at night and then allow for the drawing on it during peak times to save consumers money.
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