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    It will also allow you and your employees to spend time

    Having a large paper shredder for your office has become a necessity due to the increase of identity theft and the passing of federal privacy laws. One machine that's great for the workplace is the GBC ShredMaster GLM1130 Paper Shredder. It's a commercial-grade shredder that's ideal for departmental use by several different people and it has a number of special features that make it stand out. Here are seven things you need to know about this machine so you can tell if this shredder is the one for your office.1. It has an extremely high level of security. The most important thing you need to know about the GLM1130 is that it is a shredder that offers a very high level of security. It has a Level 4 rating, which is the second highest possible rating available. It's a micro-cut machine that produces particles that measure 3/32" x 19/32" which is very tiny indeed. When you use this device, every bit of private information (Social Security numbers, signatures, etc.) will stay private.2. It can shred paper and more. The GLM1130 can shred up to 11 sheets of paper per pass, which is a very decent amount for a micro-cut devicePet Care packaging suppliers. You can leave paper clips and staples in your documents because this machine is strong enough to shred them as well. You'll also be able to destroy credit cards, CD's, and DVD's. There's even a separate feed opening for your plastic items.3. It won't jam up on you. One of the best things about the GLM1130 is that it has anti-jam technology. On top of the machine is an overfeed indicator that will let you know if you've inserted too much into the paper feed opening. This allows you to shred as much paper as possible with each pass while also avoiding jams. It will also allow you and your employees to spend time on more important things.4. It has a very large waste bin. This shredder's waste bin is stored in a drawer that you can pull out. The bin has a 30-gallon capacity so many people can use the machine before the bin needs to be emptied.5. It shreds quietly. The GLM1130's motor was designed to operate just about soundlessly. This allows your workplace to remain quiet so your workers will be able to stay on task.6. It will shut off when not in use. If the shredder hasn't been used for a bit, it will shut down automatically. This will help you save power (and money on your electric bill) and it's good for the environment. Plus the machine won't overheatCardboard Boxes for Tea Packaging and become damaged.7. It comes with a great warranty. GBC has given the GLM1130 a great warranty. Not only is the machine as a whole covered for two years, there's a lifetime guarantee on its cutting head. On-site service is available too, which will save you a lot of time.Now that you know all about the GBC ShredMaster GLM1130, you can determine if this is the right paper shredder for your needs. If it is, get one today and start shredding!
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