Rsgoldfast osrs gold for sale

Rsgoldfast osrs gold for sale

I'm maxed and I don't believe this is OSRS gold

I'm maxed and I don't believe this is OSRS gold a positive shift either. I spend most of my time at ToB these days so I will be affected as some, but I really do enjoy doing boss slayer tasks every now and then enjoy Bandos or Cerberus. 

This passing mechanic stuff just makes me feel like its pointless to do any material other than raids where you make less money and have a chance of dying because of laggy servers and on top of that you need to pay to receive your expensive equipment returned. My favourite boss once I was getting into bossing was Zulrah, after looking at the suggested fees for deaths at that boss now, I likely would not have even attempted to get it done.

Always has been and always should be. And as with everything in life there should be risk versus benefit. Right now there's rewards that are huge and minimal risk. And if you read the entire blog you'd see the fee's are not even that egregious, they're very well balanced - For instance someone in 1.5b gear having to cover the maximum 500k isn't going to detect it just like a newbie in 500k gear paying 10k. Like having involvement awards having no death punishment is. There's no drive or motivation to be the best as you'll be rewarded anyhow. What is a game without a challenge.

The part where they explained that the longer you die, the more you have to Buy Runescape gold pay. At Zulrah. 300k? I must pay 300k to get you plan for RuneScape gamers to die at several occasions? Alright, fine.
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