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agosto 2020
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    The project was titled ‘Impact of teaching methodology

    Since it isn’t a good idea to touch high voltage electric equipment, they came up with a sensor that will announce the name of the component as soon as we point it towards the component," the proud teacher explains. The team maintained a log of every step.With a keen interest to pursue engineering as a career, the students took the help of their guides R. Geyani, Sushanth, Shiva Reddy and Sri Ganga, began working on a project, they didn’t know that it would be one of the 15 best proj 
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    venerdì, 24 lug 2020 Ore. 05.15

    That was before the eruption of militancy in the former

    That was before the eruption of militancy in the former in 1989. Its deliberations and their result will be an acid test of the quality of its leadership.By arrangement with Dawn The BJP raises issues like the return of Pandits to the area; acceptance of Hindu refugees from Pakistan as "state subjects", entitled to own property and to vote in elections; on police reforms; and even on transfer of civil servants. Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti. Orders for the house arr 
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    giovedì, 16 lug 2020 Ore. 04.15

    Klaus Iohannis gave no reasons for his rejection of Sevil Shhaideh

    Klaus Iohannis gave no reasons for his rejection of Sevil Shhaideh, a relative political novice.This and her personal closeness to Dragnea -- he was a witness at her wedding -- have stoked opposition accusations that she would merely be his puppet.Website HotNews cited unnamed sources as saying that the security services had "strongly cautioned" against Shhaidehs nomination because of the closeness to the Assad regime of her husband and his two brothers. Party leader Dragnea was due  
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    venerdì, 10 lug 2020 Ore. 03.55

    Her husband constantly abused her

    Her husband constantly abused her. I had a job after the attacks and people would slip in words like how should I get a makeover, though it did not dampen my spirits. In Meerut, I have brought together acid attack survivors and helping them find jobs because it is important for us to forget our past and move on. I now want to make money and earn fame," said Mamta. Within two days, 30 people have enrolled on the site and job requests have started pouring in. We need a particular kind  
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    mercoledì, 01 lug 2020 Ore. 05.09
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