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The construction time of the grow tents is jus

The construction time of the grow tents is just 10-20 minutes and there are no tools needed for constructing them.. Senua Hydroponics has made available such products to the gardening enthusiasts that it can meet all the needs that the indoor plant growers will have. Senua Hydroponics is now featuring the entire range of these hydroponic grow tent products as an effort to bring home the innovative and sustainable growing methods for the gardening hobbyists.The grow tent products are available in different sizes and in starter kits, large kits and 240cm kits, 80 cm kits and more, each one of them available at different pricing. The products are not restricted to use for the hobbyists alone but can also be used by the master and commercial growers.”For further information on the latest range of hydroponics grow tents that are available at Senua Hydroponics log on to . The Senua Hydroponics 120 x 120 x 200 grow tent comes in with a black polyester coated outer shell and a non-toxic high reflective silver Maylor fabric 600D silver lined interior for light reflection and maximum light yield. When questioned about why one should choose a Senua Grow tent, the spokesperson for Senua Hydroponics replied, “Our Grow Tents exclusively use high quality 600D silver mylor unlike the cheap silver versions that are sold by the competitors. Providing self contained grow environment has been our main aim and we have done it with great aplomb. They are portable and come with a carry case for China Custom Relief Tents Suppliers transportation. They are ideal for professionals and beginners.Considered as a leader in the Hydroponics Range, Senua Hydroponics has launched new hydroponic grow tent products that will facilitate easy growing of crops for the horticulture enthusiasts
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