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For healthier relaxation: massage ball, roller and foot pad

Is your personal masseur free? With these aids you can easily replace him.

Massage balls, rollers and pads are ideal for blood circulation in the skin and relaxation of stiff muscles. The massage itself is very simple, it is enough to use the selected device to float the body part that you just say.

Massage ball with a diameter of 7 cm can be used on the entire body, very well blood supply to the skin and contributes to the regeneration of tired muscles or sore feet, the shape of the ball fits for example on the cervical spine or shoulders.

The massage roller with a length of 13.5 cm can also be used for the whole body, but thanks to its shape it is ideal especially for massage of larger parts, running on back or thighs. The result is beautifully perfused skin and relaxed muscles.

A foot pad with a diameter of 16 cm is a great tool for reflexology, stimulating the reflex zones and points of all your body organs on the soles of the feet. Massaging will help you end your eternally cold feet and their fatigue, boost your immunity and boost your blood circulation. Thanks to its shape, it is also suitable as an unstable rehabilitation aid, which serves to strengthen the stabilizing muscles and thus helps to the correct posture.

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