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Offers readers the practical tools

The black line represents Prandelli's forecast published earlier in the autumn of 2012. His grain market (Corn and Soybeans) and S&P 500 forecasts are based on W. Using Prandelli's price-time projection, any trader or researcher can project market action in both price and time. The result is a fully functional tool for modern traders who are often overwhelmed with too much indecipherable, inconsistent or unreliable data. -- Following the successful publication of his two trading courses by the Sacred Science Institute, readers asked Prandelli to publish an annual forecast.
Most forecast services give the subscriber multiple analyses of numerous elements in the market, which becomes confusing because they present so many alternate views. His forecast also correctly predicted the last two S&P 500 swings.  As a result, he offers readers the practical tools they need to become successful traders.D. The clear and simple model presents tops, bottoms, trends, and projected relative ranges of market movements. Results through the first quarter of 2013 have been impressive. Unlike these services, Prandelli produces a single forecast chart, just as W.  
The Sacred Science Institute is a non-denominational, non-sectarian, non-religious, research institute dedicated to the rediscovery and application of Sacred Science in all fields of technology, science and philosophy. Gann's legendary annual forecast charts published in his Supply & Demand Newsletter.
Prandelli's forecast accurately forecasted the trend and timing of the top for both December 2012 and 2013 for the Soybean market.) Trading his Soybean forecast, he has achieved a profit of 358 points since December 2012.
Prandelli's breakthrough work introduces the discovery of the proper conversion factors for each market MPPK XW20 Black Red Handheld Strapping Tool Polyester Composite Fiber Cord belt Tensioner for 13 - 20mm band Exporters never revealed by W.  He is an excellent example of the new generation of Gann analysts, who look to their elder researchers for direction, while simultaneously approaching the subject with an open mind. His "PFS Forecast Bulletin for 2013: Combined S&P 500 Bulletin and Grain Market Bulletin" provides annual forecasts with ongoing key price updates throughout the year.  
Daniele Prandelli is a young and dedicated market researcher and trader. He discovered a different approach with a deeper insight to the Gann materials.
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