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We note that the C3 map prototype software while iOS and Android versions.

With the development of GPS navigation and car multimedia, car will also be a new platform for network applications.

Now, C3, or as soon as possible to expand the scope of their service support, after all, if you require next-generation iPhone to use this, you must first expand the area of the map database, I believe this is also the largest one task..

We note that the C3 map prototype software while iOS and Android versions.

The future, a knob to turn the car on the bridge, you can in the car on the screen to enjoy the Internet real-time search services, maps, navigation, e-mail, information, entertainment caught . C3 Technology has released the SDK developer kit, the intention of the developers have been developed on this basis; According to the information we learned, the future of the iOS, Android, and even Chrome Browse the web side is represented be able to enjoy this super-powerful mapping service.

C3 of the map service flagship 3D real, indeed more than the slightest bit higher than Google Maps. The use of military technology, with the camera aircraft full range of scanning real method, C3 shows us a very beautiful panoramic 3D map. this scene to become a reality, you need a number of areas of common co-operation. We can even be scaled to simulate the observed height, the picture is a surprise to even the stadium within the Coca-Cola billboards can be a 3D view to see clearly.Although Google and Apple in the mobile space can be regarded as competitors, but the iPhone has just been released, Google for its continuous map service, but this situation may end with the release of the next generation of the iPhone and it is. The previously acquired by Apple C3Technology out media to show the latest 3D map progress really view this video, C3, and its 3D real effect greatly exceeded our expectations for a map service... The data show that Chinese private car ownership has Engine valve lifter distributors exceeded 80 million vehicles in 2011, covering a population will reach 400 million. If the next generation iPhone to adopt to the new map of the C3 to give up Google Maps, and this map is to support China's, it is estimated to greatly increase the attractive, is not it

Recently, the world's largest car dvd player and in car dvd player Chinese search engine Baidu announced signed a cooperation agreement with the world's leading car maker BMW will work together to conduct in-depth cooperation on technical product development and operation of the vehicle information system search services, which is Baidu box calculation "Following the landing computer, mobile phone After TV, the first time into the automotive market.

The Baidu and BMW to try to expand Internet services to the car platform, in order to allow more vehicle owners through the vehicle information system, the user anytime, anywhere to enjoy the convenience brought about by the Internet, search engines

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