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I still clearly remember the 2011 e road route

Kay Lide C-PNDs 3D version of the product using the latest 3D display technologies, 362 prefecture-level city landmark scaled down to three-dimensional image displayed on the map, and can carry a 360-degree panoramic display. in a timely manner to locate stolen vehicles, to avoid causing major economic losses, and the GPS positioning system with integrated alarm function, the driver in case of emergency, immediately to the Company or 110 alarm, the first time to seek help;

Third, data collection, management platform to collect the location information of all vehicles centrally and released to the needs related to the unit or platform, to achieve the purpose of the cooperation of information sharing; Fourth, video surveillance, passengers taking pictures uploaded to the server by installing the camera, can ensure that the accident or crime can be quickly in a timely manner to find the relevant personnel to protect the driver of personal and property safety. 3D Virtual junction Enlargement meticulous observation of a variety of complex junctions, the user can quickly identify the forward direction. Drivers, there are difficulties, no shortage of tourists in the peak, the traffic came from their own experience to find guests efficiency is also higher. Every upgrade, e Road route in the industry, released the first upgrade order, calling the old user home upgrade.

Although taxi by calling the move a lot of people reflect, but to the actual implementation is still rather disappointing to have customer service to answer and provide services, but most of the time there is no positive response, in the passenger waiting for a long time would prefer to find a taxi after, and most people have never heard of can call a taxi, or the habits of their own out to look for.

The burglar snatches the dispatch center is not timely alarm with the police, and can not play good preventive remedies off the oil off function to prevent the vehicle is to drive away, but the driver trapped in the same car is still at risk suddenly in motion, not to mention off the oil may cause a serious accident.

Kay Rucker C-PND series of 3D Virtual junction complex traffic intersection, enlarge the map covered the national road network and major tunnels, bridges, toll stations, service areas clear.. Through strong visual differences of the 3D architecture and the flat 2D map, users can quickly based on the landmark overview of the urban situation, get a better navigation experience. After all, GPS navigation map upgrade consumers are most concerned about after-sale problems.Display engine for a new road network, road network level is clearer, more delicate, visual effects and the road network and POI display more rich and comprehensive, while improving shift the graph speed, smoother operating experience.

I still clearly remember the 2011 e road route the first to upgrade the fall and winter version, upgrade issues, the e road route is quite important.

In summary, the GPS positioning system really give the taxi companies and drivers benefit, you also need the service providers and companies to better co-operation and propose real win-win approach, Vehicle scheduling, management and dispatching control center taxi, reduce Kongshi improve vehicles and roads, efficient use of resources;Burglar snatches, real-time China BENZ Engine Assembly Suppliers query by positioning the vehicle location,Main products: car DVD player and car dvd , are with good quality

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