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Vezzoli told Reuters TV as he made his pre take-off underwear knitting machine

"I would say that the biggest risk, just like with any engine-powered machine, would be a breakdown," Vezzoli told Reuters TV as he made his pre take-off underwear knitting machine checks. "Usually you land on the ground, but in this case we would have to do a sea-landing."Vezzoli landed safely 59 km (36 miles) away, near the English port town of Dover.Named "Pegasus" - a winged horse in Greek mythology - the flying car is the brainchild of Jerome Dauffy, an entrepreneur inspired by early aviators such as Brazilian Alberto Santos-Dumont and Frenchman Louis Bleriot who made the first flight across the Channel in 1909."The automotive and aeronautic industries were born around a century ago and its only now that we are managing to combine the two modes," Dauffy said.Dauffys initial ambition had been to build a flying machine that could travel round the world in 80 days.
The Thane police is set to crack down on a group of 100 local fuel stations that are suspected of using electronic chips to manipulate their discharge of fuel in a manner that less fuel is given for what shown on the receipt.The police is searching for the source of these chips that are being used by those in the scanner. A Dombivali-based electronics post-graduate was arrested by a UP police team last month for supplying such chips to fuel station owners in UP and it is suspected that there could be more like him actively aiding in the fraud still.
The police on Saturday raided two petrol pumps, arresting owners and an official of two petrol pumps in Thane and Dombivali for allegedly cheating consumers by rigging fuel dispensing units that jumped the reading but released lower quantities of fuel.The ATM on the ship docked at the naval base at Karwar, will be operated by the countrys largest lender SBI and will cater to over 1,500 personnel and officers deployed on the ship."The facilities offered by the State Bank of India to the ship include cash withdrawals, generation of mini-statements, access to bank balance details and change of PIN numbers.The machines have been installed at Connaught Places eight blocks and one at India Gate.
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