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There are many underwear machine Manufacturers edges

There’s only one edge.After all, that’s how we refer to it—in the singular person—no?REALITY: There are many underwear machine Manufacturers edges.Yes and no. But it’s not quite the case of tomato, tomahto.Meaning, there are a growing number of networks and therefore a growing number of outer network boundaries containing endpoints that run applications of interest to users. Some have even tried to quantify their possible maximum number for fun.They can run in a barn in a field, in a connected car, or in a number of other locations.Purpose-built edges are definitely a thing in the near term. With time, the edges will become cloudified: customization will happen, but likely only as a software layer. As Telefonica’s Lopez has noted, the ubiquity of access and the simplicity of developer applications that were part of the cloud might have to become a must in any edge.
If someone develops an app that works in one edge, it ought to be able to be deployed in any network.MYTH 3: Shrink the cloud, put it in a box, and voila—you have the edge!We’ve already established that some storage and processing will need to take place at the edge. Certain attributes of the cloud environment would at least be desirable to replicate across a variety of edges: equal network access and compatibility of an app developed in one edge network across different edge networks. Doesn’t that make each edge a little cloud?REALITY: The edge is not a tiny cloud.Remember that it was data and its needs that gave rise to the edge(s)—not the opposite.This means it’s determined by use cases that produce and process data close to end users.
And these use cases vary widely. We’re talking utility regulation in smart cities, virtual reality scenarios, monitoring of aging bridges, robots making clothes in factories through virtual assistants, etc. The data these scenarios produce, which needs processing at the edge, is also diverse. That’s why the edge infrastructure depends on the application.As noted here already, the edge will have no room and no time for certain types of data. Archival data or data needed to churn out machine learning processes (data lakes, big clusters of data that teach ML algorithms) in the hyperscale data center, per Lavin—will be of no use at the edge.Finally, the edge is not a mini cloud because it’s a remote lights-out automated operation marked by a physical proximity to the user. Unlike the cloud, the edge is identified by a location and how near it is to data.
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