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Glove knitting machine Suppliers hiring proctors

"And then theres the cost savings associated in travel expenses, glove knitting machine Suppliers hiring proctors/invigilators, scheduling and tracking candidates, conducting post assessment reviews and etc. All these tasks are now streamlined with our technology, as we provide all the analytics to our customers on our platform, very quickly, efficiently and effectively.""In the last five years, we have implemented our patented identity verification technology to many of the largest and most successful online education programs in the world like: Penn State University, Purdue University, Rutgers University, New York University, University of North Carolina, Wisconsin University, Pepperdine University and other educational institutions, where weve seamlessly integrated Proctortrack into client learning management systems (LMSs),like: Blackboard, Canvas, Sakai, Moodle, D2L,edX, and other LMSs to successfully curb cheating, and in fact, deter cheating from ever occurring in the first place," explains Tim Dutta.
"Weve not only helped to bring integrity to these programs but helped them to scale with artificial intelligence that takes away the problems of scheduling of human invigilation sessions with manual human proctors or in physical testing centres in large metro cities. This technology further highlights the inaccuracies of working with live invigilators that intrude on the privacy of candidates computers and personal space," he adds.Verificient Technologies Proctortrack has been the exclusive remote proctoring / invigilation partner and also helped scale the most famous Computer Science degree program in the world (OMSCS), partnering with Udacity and Georgia Tech.
Proctortrack is also the exclusive invigilation provider to publicly traded companies like 2U, who is the worlds largest Online Program Management providers that manage over 56 of the top online graduate programs in the world. Proctortrack is also the exclusive online proctoring / invigilation service on the world famous MOOC platform edX for Georgia Tech and Notre Dame University. And these are only some of the high profile global educational institutions that rely on the use of the Proctortrack identity verification platform for student verification and authentication to grant credit and full masters degrees online to students.These are the same questions and concerns Indian online programs and MOOC content platforms will need to accomplish to ensure a successful adoption and acceptance of candidate credentials for employers.
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