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Since the double thread screws are typically for attaching two wood surfaces together, start the screw in one of the pilot holes (just enough to stay put). Then align the other pilot hole and spin one or both pieces of wood together.
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Towards Building an excellent

Ray Business Technologies Pvt Ltd has demonstrated strong Kentico CMS competence, commitment and investment over the years towards building an excellent Kentico competency. This is useful for customers and other partners to see that they can leverage from Raybiztech's Kentico CMS expertise. 

Ray Business Technologies has been working with fortune clients on their large Intranet and Internet implementations based on Kentico CMS.

Raybiztech provided complete IT Solutions, ranging from Screw pipe clamps Manufacturers Business and IT Consulting to Process re-engineering and Maintenance, the Gold Kentico Partner,is the first Kentico partner to hit double digit Certified Developers on staff on Kentico CMS, RaybiztechEnterprise Portal and Content Management Team boasts professional certified project managers and Kentico developers  has extensive large-enterprise experience in Kentico Development with award-winning portfolios.
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