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Since the double thread screws are typically for attaching two wood surfaces together, start the screw in one of the pilot holes (just enough to stay put). Then align the other pilot hole and spin one or both pieces of wood together.
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Hang and clear the countertop

Consider some guidelines for it placing the towel ring. A towel is typically hung lengthwise, so inspect a towel that you would typically use in that space. One of the most challenging aspects of outfitting a bathroom is that you're often working with a minimal amount of space. Try to locate a wall stud where you want to place the towel ring; finding solid wood, whether it's in the wall or on the back of a door, guarantees a secure installation. Essential to that job is drying off-where do you put the towel, and how do you keep it clean, dry and handy for when you need it? One space-saving solution is to hang a towel ring. Mr. A towel ring comes with a mounting base that you screw into the wall. When you are outfitting a kids' bathroom, a pool bath, or an investment property, you might choose to find economical options-an unfinished wood ring, or a simple plastic and chrome ring can work just as well as the high-end versions for a fraction of the cost. Keith Johnson is senior toilet cleaner specialist at Appraisal Network of Minnesota (reputed toilet cleaner specialist company since 1998), Inc. Bathroom walls are often short and broken up by objects that can't be moved-medicine cabinets built in between wall studs, a single window for light and ventilation, doors that must permanently remain where they are. And if you've got small space next to the bathroom sink, you can install the towel ring there, too. Be sure the mounting bracket is securely affixed, and slide the towel ring onto the bracket. Drill pilot holes, line up the mounting bracket, and check its placement with a short level. You've got options when selecting a towel ring for your bathroom. Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to secure the bracket to the wall with the screws provided. If you are placing this in a bathroom to be used by children, take their height into Rubber Clamps Suppliers in Chinaconsideration, and place the ring at a height that's convenient for them. If you are installing a towel ring next to a bathroom sink, make sure you hang it high enough for the hand towel to hang and clear the countertop. It requires only a short space to affix it to the wall outside your bathtub or shower stall. The design is pretty basic-a ring, about six inches round or oval; closed or one open like the letter "C". Place the mounting base against the wall and mark the screw holes in pencil. There's no moving a toilet or bathtub without a major redesign of the room. If you've got a pool in your yard, you can even install a few towel rings at your patio to keep the pool towels handy. A variety of bathroom accessories can help you make your bathroom with its unique design challenges work for you. A wide range of finishes are available-classic polished chrome and brass, today's popular brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze can give you a designer look. Cleaning up is the main activity in any bathroom. When dealing with bathrooms, you need to be open to design compromise. With the abundance of matched bathroom accessories available in stores, catalogs and online, you can choose a towel ring that perfectly coordinates with your existing bathroom décor. The ring has an attached bracket for hanging on the wall. If you are installing the ring next to your shower stall, and you like to use extra-long bath sheets instead of a traditional bath towel, take that length into consideration when you place the ring. A good rule of thumb is to make sure the towel, when folded in half lengthwise, clears the floor by 18 inches.
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