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Holographic stickers are widely used in every industry to enhance the image of their brands

Holographic stickers are widely used in every industry to enhance the image of their brands as original and authentic. They are designed by professional manufacturers using hi-tech printing procedures using Laser light to produce an alternating pattern which is distinct and cannot be easily copied. It can be both 2D and 3D. It is made from photography quality art work and until the original photograph is not available, the hologram cannot be wholesale hand blenders  forged.
These Holographic stickers may look as a decoration done on the product but they actually are used for the purpose of distinguishing the product from other similar counterfeit products available in the market. These days it is a top most priority for manufacturers to protect their products from fake imitations. There are a lot of Chinese duplicate products readily available in the market and very easily accessible .To overcome this, the demand for holographic stickers is increasing on a rapid basis and tends to grow even more in the future as well. They are not only used for big products but also for the small ones such as credit cards, DVDs, Medicines, food cartons, Clothes, accessories, mobile phones and even documents, to protect them from duplicity.  Some also contain a product code printed on them to authenticate the product of its originality. TYPES OF BARCODE STICKERS:1. Dot matrix holograms:These holograms are considered to be one of the best commercial security applications, even better than 2D and 3D. These are incorporated with kinetic effects that make them extremely eye catching to the viewer and protects the products from being forged or tampered with. These are vibrant, Bright and have colorful patterns even under fluorescent light.Their specifications include high resolution (200-300 dpi), Sharp pixels, Raster and Lens effect and their animated and concealed laser readable image. 2. E Beam Holograms:These holograms are created using powerful electro beams. This technology is based on synthesizing of micro relief with specified parameters using an electronic beam, which can be focused in a spot with a few nanometer sizes. It provides vivid and sharp images, colors, animated hidden text to make it more authentic.
Their specifications include Raster effect with 2D/3D background, sharp pixel technology, kinetic movements, nano text, animated and concealed laser readable image, and effective lens.3. 3D holograms:These holograms are most widely used these days, you can see them on your text books, Credit cards, and many of your appliances, etc. They have a flip effect, good depth and look colorful.
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