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There are literally hundreds of low cost promotional pens

If you are struggling to fill the tables in your restaurant, you are not alone. In difficult times it is more important than ever to promote your business. This can be done in a number of ways including printed paper advertisements, PR, internet email campaigns and window promotions just to name a few. One of the most popular ways of promoting restaurant businesses is with promotional gifts. Here I would like to tell you about five inexpensive promotional gifts that have proven very successful in restaurant promotion. All of these gifts can be printed with your logo and details regardless of if you have a simple one colour logo or you have a much more complicated design.Promotional Pens: Pens are the most popular promotional gift in HPMC Empty Capsules Company the UK.
There are literally hundreds of low cost promotional pens to choose from. If time permits, it is a good idea to spend some time searching if this idea appeals to you. You want to try to find pens that have enough print area for your logo and details. You may also want to look for pens that can be mix-n-matched to look as if they were made just for you. There are many pens that are available in a selection of colour pieces so that you can choose the colour of the barrel, tip and clip as well as other trimming. It is a good idea to ask to see several samples so that you can write with your pens of choice and ensure you are happy with the way they write and feel in your hand. Generally speaking, if you like writing with the plastic pen, your customers will too.Stress Balls: Stress balls are used by all sorts of restaurants from low cost family restaurants to four star establishments. Stress toys in the shape of food are obvious choices. Stress relievers are available in hamburger shapes, French fries shapes, wine bottles and grapes, Champagne bottles and coffee cups just to name a few. Each can be printed with your details and either given away to customers in house or taken around to local businesses printed with your logo and details to promote business specials.Fridge Magnets: Fridge magnets work wonders for reminding people about your restaurant and they are not expensive. You can promote your reservations number or perhaps even a few of your most popular dishes. When people are standing in front of their empty fridge, they could just be giving you a call.Coasters: Coasters look great when properly designed and set out on the tables around your restaurant.
They can also be easily put in the post or taken to local business people and given away as a friendly reminder that you are there and accepting reservations. Coasters are available in a larger variety of materials such as metal, leather and PVC.Key rings: Key rings are need and used almost daily by everyone. Look around as there are literally hundreds to choose from whatever your budget. In the UK and Europe, trolley token key rings are the in key ring right now. These are the little token key rings that you can use to release the shopping trolley at your local supermarket but there are many other options that may work better for you.
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