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 Most of them have websites on the internet where you can take a look at all the stair lift models they have available. If you live in a major city chances are one of the large stair lift suppliers while have a branch near you. Think about the last few years and how often the electricity has been out. The batteries have to be replaced every 12 to 18 months and can easily cost $100 or more. Visit their office and ask if they could have look at the stair you want a lift for and make you an offer. The DC stair lift costs more to both in initial costs and in maintenance. It is designed to physically carry its occupant safely up and down their stair. From some of the websites you can also order your stair lift directly.
. In many homes the power hardly ever cuts out, and then a AC stair lift would be a good choice. DC stairlifts are also often called battery powered stairlifts, because they operate under battery power.

There are several different stair lift manufacturers out there.

Anyways, the main difference between the two type of stairlifts is that the AC stair lifts draw power directly from your home power supply, so if your home power supply is out it will not work. Supplier companies often take care of the whole installation process when you order Bistro Sets Manufacturers  from them.

As you ve probably figured out the stability of your power at home is the main concern when deciding which of these stair lifts will fit you best.

I suggest however that you try looking for stair lift suppliers when you are wanting to buy your stair lift. You have stair lifts for both straight stairs and curved ones. Being unable to move from one floor to another for a long time is not a nice experience. If your power supply is stable however the cheaper AC option would most likely be your best choice. The curved staircase stair lift is quite a bit more expensive, as it often has to be special designed to fit one type of stairs.

Overall, if you have an unstable power supply in your home you have to go for the DC powered stair lift. It is much better that their agent know exactly what the lift is for before they order a stair lift from the manufacturer. The reason you shouldn t buy a DC stair lift if you don t have to, is because of the costs. The DC or battery powered stair lift is also plugged in to your home power supply, but it will only use the home power supply to charge.A stair lift is a great piece of equipment to help elderly and disabled move around their home. To move up and down the DC stair lift gets its power from the batteries.

You need a stair lift to fit your staircase, so choosing between curved or straight isn t the problem, choosing between an AC stair lift and a DC stair lift might be much more difficult however.
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